Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time warp in Yong Sing

Long long time ago, we used to follow our dad to Penang for his collections. After collecting cheques from his clients, he would go to Beach Street to do banking. That's when we would stop by this shop for breakfast. My childhood memory on this place is quite a blur. In fact, most of my childhood is a blur. Anyway, I revisited this place during the Christmas holidays and I find the quality is still there.

Location: Lebuh Union (Off Beach Street), Pengkalan Weld, Penang
Rating: Yummy!

On the day that I went, there were only 3 stalls open. But all 3 proved to be worthy contender of the time game. The first stall offers duck meat koay teow soup (flat rice noodles) since 1965. Although the runner now is replaced by the younger generation, but quality wise isn't compromised. The noodles came with multiple meat choices doused with flavoured black soy sauce.
The koay teow is smooth and the aromatic sauce blended well into the noodle. What's nice is that you don't taste the normal soy sauce in the noodles but fragrant of duck meat.Then there is this fried koay teow. I seldom eat fried koay teow in Kuala Lumpur. They are just not appetising. In order to fried a good koay teow, the fire must be strong enough to create a crisp and dry koay teow. Another important step is to make sure the noodles are well separated as shown below. This is to ensure that each strand of koay teow is thoroughly flavoured and fried.
The colour of char koay teow (fried flat rice noodles) here is just beautiful. As simple as this dish looks, experience and skills are needed to make a real good one.And some western influenced snacks of Penang. Egg pancake with banana and raisins. Yes, you can find this in the "Kedai Kopi New Cathay" I have posted earlier. And this is the other place you get this fragrant pancake.Girls who like sweet stuff will like this. The natural sweetness of banana and raisins coupled with fragrance of egg and salted margarine. Toss a handful of sesame seeds and voila - a great unity of the east and west.
Note : I believe lunch hour will be quite packed, and parking may be a problem.


Pinky said...

It sadden me to inform the readers that Yong Sing is no longer in operation. A true lost!

bK said...

Any idea if the duck meat kuey teow seller relocated to any where?

Pinky said...

Sorry bK, haven't gone back there for some time. Will let you know when I know :)