Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thai Chicken Rice at Penang Road

It's a shop with no name and I can't figure out the sign in Thai. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to find. If you take public bus to Penang Road/Komtar (Komtar's just right opposite), you'll find it.
I was first introduced to this place by my sis, who's since become Penangites. For outsiders, going to Penang means Char Koay Teow (fried flat rice noodles), Hare Mee (prawn noodles), Chee Cheung Fun (flat rice noodles with prawn paste), Koay Chiap (flat rice noodles with duck), Assam Laksa (tubed rice noodles with tamarind soup), Cendol (dessert) and Lor Bak (fried meats with special dipping sauce). For Penangites, it will be quite boring if every shop you visit offered almost the same thing. So this is an alternative that we went.
Big pots of steamy hot rice
I enjoyed sitting in the midst of the hall, observing people bustling about. Feels good to see activity in an old structure.
Location: Penang Road, Penang
Rating: Above average
My usual order will be fried chicken and Siu Cheong (BBQ Chinese sausage).

The chicken is crispy on the outside, but not that tender on the inside. But the crispy skin does offer a specific aroma that makes chewing satisfying.
Now the siu cheong. If you can't stand fat, it is not advisable for you to order this. Just look at the pix below, it is 90% fat. Anyway for those who don't mind trying, the sausage/siu cheong is not soft. It is chewy and fragrant of Chinese wine. The only problem I have is that I can't stand taking too much of these, or I feel unsettling (in the stomach that is).
As this is a Thai chicken rice, the dipping sauce will not be the the normal garlic+ginger+red chili kinda thing. This is a mixture of green chili+garlic+coriander+fish sauce (more of a guessing than a statement).Even the rice is slightly different. Instead of normal oily rice, the rice here is softer with a little hint of herbs.
Overall, I can't say that it is very good. But it is an alternative or something interesting if you feel like diverting to, other food other than the usual Penang stuff.

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