Saturday, December 08, 2007

Quickie : Venusitas - The Sweet Home

I know Deepavali is over and all but since I am around New Lay Sin in my last post, I thought might as well let you know about this place. The shop is at the other far end of New Lay Sin facing Jalan Tun Sambanthan. What's interesting? All sorts of Indian desserts and snacks. If you like sweet stuff or crackers to go with your movies, this might just be the place.

I bought one of this ladhu.
Then there are many many colours and types of ... er... I forgot.
Darn.. I forgot all the names. But I think this roundish doughnut look-a-like is called Athirasam.This is called Jangri. Exactly what it is? I can't remember lah. Well just go there and try for yourself. hahaha...
All I remember is that this is made of ghee and milk.This is no brick wall. It is coconut candy. I think??
Huh.. Luckily I remembered to take the photo of the tag as well.Hahaha... Still can't remember a single name here.Here's all the keropok (crackers) with spices or not. Pick to your heart's content. But remember to drink lots of water after that.I am so sorry, but I really can't remember all the names. But one thing for sure is that you have got to have real sweet tooth to love these stuff. I can't finish a single candy I bought here. We thought of using them to sweeten our coffee, but found that the coffee became a bit oily and thick. There goes our experiment.

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