Sunday, December 09, 2007

Al Nafourah at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

A participant of KL International Gourmet Food Festival 2005. Lebanese cuisine with contemporary Arabian concept. Wou... All the reviews about this place. I can't wait to attend the luncheon appointment in Al-Nafourah.
Location: Le Meridien Hotel, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Er... Not my cuppa tea

Now the ambience in actual fact is really grand. Beautiful deco, variety of seating arrangements, delicate dinerwares, green view and good service. But when comes to food..
We were served various starters to go with bread. There is hummus (chickpeas puree with spices). I find the taste a bit bland.I believe this is falafel (broad bean + chickpeas puree). I find very slight hint of bean fragrance. So slight that I feel it lean towards the bland side.I have no idea what is this. The texture is like fish cake but I taste no fragrant except salty.
This paste taste like liver paste. The texture is also similar to that, but I find it nothing but salty.
Even this salad is salty. I thought my tastebuds have gone wrong, but I see my table mates are suffering the same fate as me.
During the meal, we were given a small glass of tamarind juice. Although this drink is quite bland, but it was actually good. I like the aroma of tamarind and yet not too sourish or sweet.
The main dish is poached chicken on top of cous cous. Er... chicken is dry and cous cous is kinda tasteless. All of us could not clear our plates.
The dessert looked good. Dates and nuts pastry laced with raspberry jam. I find it kinda dry. Not very fragrant too.
Sigh... Maybe my taste pallet has been spoilt by strong Malaysian flavours. I really didn't enjoy much of the meal. I hope I could try the real deal at Middle East some day. Maybe my idea of Lebanese food might change. Some day!

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