Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fun Taipei

If you watch Taiwan variety show, I am sure you have come across many interesting food outlets introduced. I loved those shows and they always made me yearning to go to Taiwan. Then an ex-colleague introduced me to this place. I wouldn't say it is very authentic Taiwan food. To be truthful, I think the food is good enough to make me ignore its authencity.

Location: Changkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Good

The favoured drink here is the red bubble milk tea. This is not the teh tarik type, but stronger fragrant of red tea. There are many more choices, but everytime I am there, I can't help ordering the same thing.Food wise, I like to order its set. They come with a rice (as shown below) doused with stewed sauce. The sauce is very fragrant and sufficiently flavoured to make you savour the rice just like that.The set comes with many choices of main dish. I have chosen the well known San Pei Ji (三杯雞literally mean 3 cups chicken in mandarin). Why it is called 3 cups chicken, is because the chicken is marinated with 3 main types of ingredients - (1) Sesame oil, (2) rice wine and (3) soy sauce. The dish is also heavily laced with basil leaves, make its aroma very rich.In addition to the set is a vegetable dish. This is usually the lighter accompaniments to draw our tastebuds back to neutral before venturing into the next mouthful of flavours. But take note that vege dishes are not fixed, so do not expect to get the same vege te next day.A protein dish will also be included. This is mostly tofu (beancurd). I am lucky enough that they offered mapo tofu that day, because again this is dish is not fixed in the menu. I like the mapo tofu because its aroma and taste is not too overpowered with tauchoo (or salted soy bean paste). The mix between the sauce and the tofu is just right. The only drawback is that it is not hot enough.The other set that we ordered has all the same side dish. Theonly difference is that the main dish here is fried pork ribs with stewed sauce. The pork has earlier been marinated and fried with flavoured flour. This makes the meat itself already very fragrant, but added with the stewed sauce is even better. And don't worry as the ribs has been de-boned (fit our laziness just right).
The meal is completed with a bowl of soup and a dessert of jelly or nata de coco.
I simply like the completeness of all these.

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