Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kedai Kopi New Cathay @ Pulau Tikus

As you drive along Jalan Burma in Penang, you can't miss this shop. I love coming here for breakfast. Many good food here. It took me multiple visits to collect photos of various food here. Yet I still miss out some of them.

Location: Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus, Penang
Rating: Good

If you travel by bus, you can take buses that pass by Midland's One Stop. Request to stop at the Convent or Church. I believe most of the buses going to Tanjong Tokong, Tanjong Bungah or Mount Erskine will pass by Pulau Tikus. Or you can just drive (but traffic in Penang is bad).

Forget about the traffic. We're here about food. I am not a big fan of Wan Ton Mee (dumpling noodles), but not in Penang. I love Penang's Wan Ton Mee with sambal belacan (prawn paste chili sauce). Not all stalls in Penang have it, but this shop has.What's better is the noodles were the transparent springy type. The drawbacks here are (1) overcooked noodles (lost a bit of the springiness), and (2) the sambal belacan is not spicy at all (no kick). But I supposed it could fit into general expectation.Next special on my list is Koay Chiap. This you really can't find in many place. It's duck soup with flat square rice noodles. A bowl of Koay Chiap offers beancurd, egg, duck meat and innards.
Penang is not only famous for fried koay teow and prawn noodles you know?If you worry that the soup may be affected by the innards, no worries there. The soup has strong herbal aroma, not very far different from bak kut teh herbs. It is basically quite like a noodle version of bak kut teh. Very good to warm the stomach.Next on the list is the curry noodles. Heck, you don't expect me to miss this do you? Even the curry noodles here is slightly different. The squid used here has been fried with chili paste before serving on the bowl. This enhances the fragrance and attracts non-squid-lover like me.Oh, you don't see the blood jelly here. Nah.. Not my cup of blood :P But I love the tau pok (fried hollow beancurd). The type here is more soft and moist as compared to its KL cousins that are hard and hard. If you like spicy, just get more sambal (chili paste) from the owner. But be warn that its price is not as cheap as its other counterparts in Penang.
For desserts, you can always order pancakes. There is a Chinese pancake in the coffee shop, or you can order the Indian pancake right outside the coffee shop. It's a family business. We call it Apom. And this lovely egg apom sells at RM2 for 5 pieces. Fragrant cakes that are soft at the inside and crunchy at the outside. Both sides offered different level of fragrance. You can eat it togather or separately. There are more stuff that I wanted to share, but I have not got the photos. You should try its Lam Mee (clear soup noodles) with sambal belacan. The Chinese pancake with banana and raisins are also great. There is a plain fried noodles stall (chai fun) that includes tau kee (deep fried beancurd sticks) - Northen style. So much more. A good place to have almost everything.

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