Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Lay Sin's wonder

I first read about this in Eating Asia ( I have not personally been to that place, but I introduced the place to my friends and their feedback was good. haha... It's not that I sent them over as white mice, but I just never had the chance. Then, I decided it is time to stop procrastinating. So we went. It wasn't hard to find, the shop is facing Jalan Tun Sambanthan directly.

Location: Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Good + Good

Review - Week 1
I see that uncle has given himself an English name - Peter Pork Mee. hehe... Sounds kinda cute. Try repeating it this way "peter pork, peter pork, peter pork.." hahaha.. reminds me of Porky Pig. Whops.. Forgive the kiddy in me. Lost myself there for a while.
Right! Back to the noodles. From the moment I stepped in, I knew this is the stall. Rows of noodles waiting in-line to be delivered to many tables. I didn't waste time. I ordered a kuey teow (Ben's fave flat rice noodles) and bee hoon (rice vermicelli). I saw many tables had pork noodles with an egg. The egg with its exposed half cooked yolk sat seductively in the bowl. I regretted not requesting to have an extra egg to go with the noodles.Hah! Turned out I didn't have to worry about that. All noodles come with an egg. Phew! Otherwise I am sure Ben would be staring grudgingly at me.The first thing we did was to scoop up a spoonful of soup. Hm.. the slightly murky soup is sweet and savoury. We started diggin' in and found the meat fresh (frozen pork tastes terrible). There are pork strips, minced pork, intestines and liver. Now I am no big fan of internal organs, but if you want a good soup, I suggest you do not ask the cook to take out the internal organs. It is things like pork liver that makes the soup thick and sweet. You do not have to eat it if you don't like it, but don't take it out from the cooking.And that egg. Try mixing a bit of the yolk to the soup. Also try mixing the white to the soup. Man, it's like tasting different type of sweetness and fragrance. The whole experience felt like an experiment. A fun and tasty experiment.
Review - Week 2
While waiting for my pork noodles in week 1, I can't tear my eyes away from this Indian Rice stall. I can't help noticing pieces after pieces of banana leaves were laid on tables for its patrons. And the fish pieces they offered were so thick and looked so good. So here I am again, 2 weekends in a row at New Lay Sin. I came a bit late today. Signalled banana leaf for 2 and the motion started. There were a few of them. The lady came with the leaves and laid them in front of us. Then another lady came with the rice. You have to ask them to stop or they will continue filling the space with rice. Then came the tray of 3 vegetables. There are gourd dhal, potatoes and pineapple+cucumber salad. Love them all.
I usually take my banana leaf rice with chicken curry, but they are already out of stock. So we got fish curry instead. I thought to myself that this might impair my opinion on the food. How wrong was I. Anyway, by the time all was laid out, the sight was kinda intimidating. I wasn't sure if we could finish all these. Again, how wrong was I? Ah yes, we ordered an additional chicken rendang (rendang in Malay means stewed meat in thick coconut spiced sauce until it is dry). This rendang is different from Malay rendang as it is heavily laced with spices and herbs. I find this quite the normal mamak (Malay language for Indian turn Muslim) standard.The fish! This is the main attraction that made me resolved to come the following week. Big-thick pieces of fish that everyone ordered and the soft-hot white meat is screaming "take me". Okay, I know I over dramatised this. But for a non-fish-lover like me, I really don't know why it attracts me so much.One thing for sure, it is really highlight of my meal. The meat is soft and fragrant. The taste not too overpowered by spices. In fact the entire meal is very nicely fused. The fish gravy which I thought might be too strong and sourish with spices, came out fragrant and pleasant. The veges all mixed really well with the meat and the gravy. It was like you can taste all the original fragrance of the food with slight tingle of spices. Yummy! Wish I am there now.
Some cultural tips: If you like what you have eaten, you fold your banana leaf from top down. This is to indicate that you would come again in future. If you fold them from bottom up, it means the food was bad and you would not come again. But then again these are old custom.

Note: Parking is not a problem. There is a left turning right after the row of shop where New Lay Sin is. A parking area for the responsible driver.

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