Thursday, November 01, 2007

Quickie: Yik Mun - The famous pau from Tanjung Malim

20 over years ago.. Whenever my family followed my dad on his business travels to Kuala Lumpur, I would bug my dad to stop at Tanjung Malim along the north-south trunk road. The steamed curry chicken pau (bun) used to be my favourite. Was it really that long ago?

Location: Tanjung Malim
Rating: Poor

The pau's skin is crusty, hard and dry. Even the filling is dry and not fragrant except salty. Where did that soft and sweet skin, plus fragrant filling went?
The coffee is thick alright. But that's all it is. No fragrance and not even smooth.
It was very disappointing. A reputation that was built since pre-independence era (1926) was all destroyed. What went wrong? Was it the mass production that loss the human touch or was it that the later generation did not really care anymore. It is just too wasteful..


cupnoodles said...

I purposely went to Yik Mun in Tanjung Malim to check it out, since its said to be famous, but it was really a disappointing experience.

Supposed to open at 9am, I was there at 9.30am and the pau is not ready, service is lukewarm. Pau are not well steam, still hard, lots of skin and is really really poor, I think just buy in any pau stalls in KL will taste better.

The drink we ordered are too sweet and a plate of fried meehoon we ordered is too salty. I really suggest avoiding Yik Mun in Tanjung Malim.

However, the Yik Mun in Sri Hartamas is so much better. Apa sudah jadi? If this goes on, they can close shop soon.

Pinky said...

cupnoodles - you are so right. the way it is being done now is simply sad. wish i could say any otherwise.