Friday, September 14, 2007

A whole meal soup at Pudu

This is not a decorated shop, nor is this a hyped bistro. Simple family affair. Simple dishes. Extravagant flavour and assortment. The place is directly opposite Shaw Parade along Cangkat Thambi Dollah. Simply lovely!

Location : Cangkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu
Rating : Great

I read an article some time back that double-boiled soup offers enhanced health value. Even fats from double-boiled soup has its nutritional values. We ordered tien chat (notoginseng root) soup shown on top and coconut chicken soup. Tien chat are good for blood circulation. While the bottom coconut chicken soup is good for nourishing the organs.
In addition, we have ordered additional dishes to go with white rice. The chicken legs were not as soft as I expected, but the mushrooms were extremely big.
But one of our favourite is mui choy khau yuk (salted mustard with pork belly). Since young, I never liked animal fats until I tried this. It was really fragrant when eaten with rice and mui choy and meat.
There is another favourite of ours - curry pork (wild boar), but too much just spoil the purpose of drinking some healthy soup.
If you don't mind going for street food, this is one of the must. Economical and tasty. What more can I ask?

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