Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quickie : Nasi Lemak at Kafe Kundasang

It was already noon and we were still in Kundasang. I supposed it was the cold weather. I have been shouting "hungry" all the time since I was up on Kinabalu Park area. We have just checked out so I can't cook something to soothe my hunger pang. Looking around Kundasang, there were no place to eat. The shops are mostly closed and we were no willing to eat in a hotel. Finally we came to Kafe Kundasang. It is a simple coffee shop. I saw a lady diligently wrapping up nasi lemak (Malay for coconut milk rice) to sell for Muslim to break fast in the evening. I asked for a packet and ordered a steamy local coffee to with it.
It looks like any normal nasi lemak, but the rice actually tastes different. You see, they use cinnamon and cloves to cook the rice. I might say this is a healthier choice as they use less santan (coconut milk). But the taste somehow reminded me of Chinese steamed glutinous rice. Maybe it is because of the spices they use.
Anyway, I can't give you a fair verdict if the nasi lemak is good. Reason being (1) I was hungry, (2) This is a different method of nasi lemak.
But no regrets, as I get to taste the localised food.

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