Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quickie : The Rainforest at Poring Hot Spring

It was 5pm after we finished climbing hill to walk on the canopy hanging bridge and soaking our feet in Poring Hot Spring. As usual, I was yowling for food again. So the best place to go (actually, the only place to go) is The Rainforest.

We ordered local coffee, hot & cold. Fragrant enough to soothe our thirst.Hungry me ordered "The Rainforest Fried Rice". Nothing to shout about, but decent enough. The chilli here isn't hot, but extremely sour. But mixing with the rice was actually quite nice.
Ben ordered mixed sandwich. Nothing much, the usual fare. What I like? The environment. Quite a suitable name for the restaurant as we were surrounded by greens. The waitress was polite and friendly. The food overall was nice. It left me with a good feeling to end the Poring Hot Spring journey with a relax mind and a full stomache (hehe..).


Rosemary said...

Thanks for writing this.

Pinky said...

You are welcome, Rosemary.