Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quickie: Ah Pek's Dau Foo Fa at Menglembu, Perak

Dau foo fa or dou hwa in mandarin or dau hway in hokkien all refers to beancurd dessert doused with ginger syrup. Among the few variation you find are salty or spicy dou hwa from Szechuan China, or Malaysian's gula melaka syrup (palm sugar), or Taiwan's mix with soya drink.

Beancurd originated from China and dou hwa are consumed all year round, summer with ice and winter warm syrup.

This uncle has been selling dau foo fa (Ipoh are full of cantonese) and dau jing (soya bean milk) for years. He used to stand all day without sitting. Nowadays, as age catch up, he has brought along a foldable chair to sit when thre are no customers.
What is a good dau fo fa? For me, it has got to be smooth, fragrant of bean and ginger from the syrup must not be overpowering. I found all this from Ah Pek's dau foo fa.

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