Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wan Ton Mee Sg Besi

I am not really a fan of wan ton mee. I have tried them in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and even Indonesia. Don't ask me why I tried them at so many places, yet I don't like them. It was more of by chance than by choice. Anyway, I have always found the noodles too soft or too elastic. The wan ton mee in Hong Kong was sooo.. dry and hard to chew (I can't forget them even after 20 years). But I find this place not bad, as in I won't dread going for it again and again.
The shop offers many varities of wan ton mee, from dumplings to roast meat, from stewed meat to fried meat. Hahaha... all meats.
Location : Sg Besi, Kuala Lumpur (Near Jln Chan Sow Lin)
Rating : Good

What I like about here is the noodles (which I normally dislike). The usual fare are either too soft or too elastic, but this one is springy yet easy to chew. My favourite is with pork curry (wild boar meat). I think the combination of spicy and salty meat with the sweet noodles is good.Ben ordered duck meat noodles. Is it nice? Well the meat was rather normal. Luckily the noodles are good.In addition to the ala carte noodles, you can always order side dishes like wan ton (dumpling), sui kow (bigger dumpling) and foo chok (soy bean rolls).
Are they good? Well I would say above average.
Plan to go there this weekend? Look for the shop shown below:
Note: Come in the evening.

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